🍷Crop Fruit Wines

Wines are beverages made from fruits and the natural yeasts that they contain making them completely unique to the region of origin.


Combine several fruit (2-4) in a cauldron of boiling water over a lit fire and let simmer for a short period of time. At this point the cauldron should change to a hue similar to that of the fruit used and should smell sweet and yeasty, the mixture is now ready to be bottled.

Decant the piping hot mixture into three glass bottles and age for two decades in a barrel made from wood, either a large, small or vanilla barrel.


Turning your fruit into wine is one of the best ways of making money on BMC, depending on how well you brew the wine, the wine will have a very high value. It can then be sold just like crops and fish through either the shipping bin from your town or the npcs found throughout spawn.

Drink Information

There are no known positive effects other than the customers' enjoyment of these wines. Most commonly tasting sweet and fruity they can also be dry and earthy although consumers often believe that they are more lucky after drinking it.

When brewed correctly These drinks will have varied colouration and the flavours of summer vineyards. This drink has an alcohol rating of II when drank.

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