Dark Beer

A roasted wheat version of a standard fine beer made with stalks cooked longer to bring out the earthy roasted tones in the beer.


Combine a three stalks of wheat in a cauldron of boiling water over a lit flame, and let stew for a total of eight minutes. At this point the cauldron should change to a pale yellow hue and will smell deeply of malt sugar the mixture should be ready to bottle.

Decant the piping hot mixture into three glass bottles and age for three years in a barrel made with wood from dark regions for the best quality.

Drink Information

There are no known positive effects other than the customer's enjoyment of this brew. This drink is enjoyed by all people as it has a distinct earthen flavour.

When brewed correctly, this drink will have a dark brown colouration, and should have a refreshing taste.

This drink has an alcohol rating of II.

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