When it comes time to harvest your crop (with a right click) your plant will drop a varying number of item, each time you harvest the quality of your produce is random, the crops will be a mixture of three tiers which increase in rarity: Common, Uncommon and Rare


There are currently 4 types of fertilizer.

  • Retaining: this fertilizer contains gravel, flint and clay and gives your pot a chance to retain moisture overnight due to the large stone sizes, the only obtainable tier is the first

  • Speed: this fertilizer contains bonemeal and rooted dirt and increases the nutrition in the plant’s soil giving it a chance to grow two stages overnight rather than the normal one, the first tier can be obtained through crafting and the second as a rare drop from fishing chests.

  • Quality: this fertilizer contains rare compounds and natural hormones to allow the crop to grow to larger sizes and increases the chances to produce a higher tier, only the first tier is available and the second can be caught as a rare drop from fishing chests.

  • Yield: this fertilizer contains powerful nutrients which promote the growth of a larger yield causing the crop to drop more produce the first tier can be caught as an uncommon drop from fishing chests.

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