Treasure Chests

Currently with a somewhat common rarity, the treasure chest acts like a fish right up until when you catch it, instead of receiving loot as your normally would, a somewhat large treasure chest will be hooked right out of the water and be pulled towards the player, uncovered from the depths of the sea!


These treasure chests can be broken by punching them in quick succession at which point they will open and reveal loot from the depths of the sea! But you’ve got to be quick as the chests despawn quickly so make sure to break them as soon as they are pulled to shore.


Some examples of the treasure chest contents are sea salt, broken armour, higher tier fishing rods, fishing bait and uncommon fertilizer for use with crops.
However! We won’t be telling you too much here so go out and explore! Also watch out for variant fishing chests in the future which may contain even rarer loot as well as seasonal or cave treasure chests that will contain specific loot.
The three states of the treasure chest, with the opening animation.