Growing & Seasons

Crops as a system is built to work in tandem with vanilla yet, unlike what you're used to, plants grow by one stage each morning in-game. However, crops are bound by certain conditions of growth for example: only being able to be grown in certain seasons, all crops are only able to be grown in planting pots, requiring watering and so on. Crops also require exposure to sunlight, (A sky-light level of eight or higher) to grow. Planting Pot
  • The “Planting Pot” is a newly introduced block they are fairly cheap to craft and you will find yourself using a lot of these due to the fact they are the only block in which custom crops can be planted.
An example of the planting pot recipe, similar to that of the composter.

Seasonal Crops

A very important aspect of the crops system are the four Seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. - Most crops are seasonally dependant, this means they are only able to grown certain seasons (usually two or more), these planting seasons are based loosely on their real-life counterparts. You are able to grow roughly around the same number of crops in each season with the exception of winter where only a total of six crops can be grown.
An example of a planting pot that contains a stage one plant.