Along with having to grow your plants during the correct season and in your planting pots, crops will also need to be watered if you want them to grow.

Watering Can

The simplest of the options to start off is the watering can, a simple tool that holds water and can be right clicked on a watersource to be refilled. They come in several varieties the capacity and radius of watering can increases the more it’s upgraded.

The copper watering can is crafted copper ingots and a bowl, contains three water and has a range of 1x1

The upgraded form of the copper watering can, crafted with iron ingots it can contain four water and has a range of 1 x 3 blocks

The upgraded form of the iron watering can, crafted with golden ingots and blocks it can contain five water and has a range of 3 x 3 blocks


An option which is much more advanced than the watering can, is the semi-automated sprinkler (It waters for you!), it comes in two tiers and waters blocks once every morning the same time as plants grow. However a caveat of the sprinkler, they need to be refilled to function, this can be done with a water bucket or with any tier of watering can.

The first sprinkler tier is crafted with iron ingots, redstone and sticks it is able to contains five water and irrigates all blocks within a range of one.

The second tier of sprinkler is crafted with one Iron sprinkler and gold ingots and contains seven water and irrigates all blocks within a range of two.


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