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ðŸŧGetting Started

Brewing is a process that can be as simple as putting ingredients in a cauldron or as complicated as a three step system, allowing for the making of drinks ranging from Vodka and Blueberry Wine to Iced Coffee. The process is very much discovery focused, and quick mastery of this art isn't to be taken lightly. Depending on how well Fermentation, (Distilling when applicable) and Aging are performed this will affect the quality of the produced drink, shown in the item's lore as stars, higher quality drinks will have a higher value and less negative effects when drunk.


The first step in brewing consists of Fermenting the fresh Ingredients.

  1. Place a Cauldron over a Fire or other heat source such as a Campfire or Magma block

  2. Fill the cauldron with water using a bucket

  3. Add Ingredients in to the cauldron (this is done by right clicking with the ingredient on the caldron)

  4. Wait for the recipe required time while the ingredients ferment

  5. Decant into glass bottles (three is standard for one cauldron)

Tip : Use a clock on a cauldron by right clicking if you want to check the time the ingredients have been fermenting. The brew will also emit particles while boiling.

Barrel Aging

Aging is the process of letting your drinks mature in a barrel, this is done to improve the quality of your drinks or to finish off a high proof spirit, as the title implies barrel aging requires a barrel, when it comes to barrels you have three choices,

Making the Barrels

Standard Barrel: | 6 available Slots | The Standard barrel can be used for aging of a few brews. Simply craft and place the barrel and put the brews inside.

Small barrel | 9 available Slots | Use 8 wooden stairs to build a barrel shape. Place a Sign on the lower right side and write "Barrel" on the top line.

"Barrel created" should appear in chat.

Large barrel | 27 available Slots | Use 5 Fences, 16 Wooden stairs, and 18 wood planks to build a barrel shape. Attach a Fence and a Sign that has "Barrel" on the top line.

"Barrel created" should appear in chat. Note, you can then remove the sign from the big barrel

Using the Barrels

  • Open the Barrel by right clicking on it.

  • Put the Bottles into the Barrels for aging.

  • For every Day (in game), the brews will age a single year.

  • Depending on the Recipe, the Type of wood used for building the barrel may alter the quality of the aged Brew.

  • The Minecraft barrel is always made of oak.

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