Another aspect of custom fishing is the ability to compete with other players to receive rare drops, bragging rights or for money alone.
Two times a day a broadcast will be sent in chat to announce that a fishing competition has started, so get to fishing straight away, and as soon as 3 or more players are fishing the competition has started, currently, all participants will race to catch as many fish as they possibly can in each time whoever catching the most fish will win.
Music will also play to indicate while you’re participating in a competition

Rewards you may ask?

Currently all players who participate will receive a small sum as a reward for participation and rewards will increase the higher, you’re ranked within the competition, the person in second place will receive a treasure chest loot drop, and the player who ranked first will have a drop given from the "Rare" loot drop table, which includes, Jade, Rare Bait, T2 Fertilizers and Rare rods.
The start of a Fishing Competition, make sure to get fishing