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Shipping describes how crops, fish, wines and crafted items like soups and jellies can be sold in return for money, shipping is the system through which crops, fishing and cooking are so valuable as you are directly able to gain money from selling your produce!
Each item has an assigned value that changes periodically, these values will change overtime to prevent any one product becoming the meta. This gives you the freedom of choice to make whatever you'd like to grow, brew or cook! In general an item's value increases substantially as the tier increases, many cooked and brewed products are only produced with the first tier of crop or fish because the quality of ingredients wont effect the quality of the product. There are two ways to ship, these are described below:
Fish sold through shipping work a little different, as well as coming in three tiers, each rarer to find than the last, fish also will sell for more based on their size value as larger fish are valued more than smaller fish.

Shipping Bin

The first method of shipping is the Shipping Bin which is a new block that has been added, It is placed down to sell your produce, they must be placed within your town to ensure that your products can be collected, right clicking this block with open the shipping menu, where you can place your items and click ship to receive your money!
An example of the crafting recipe for the shipping bin
How the shipping container looks when it is placed down

The Farmer and Angler

Your second option when it comes to shipping your produce is though talking to one of the people found a little further into spawn, The farmer and the Angler, they will take produce of your hands, by opening the shipping menu, giving you the same value as would be given with the shipping bin.
There is no benefit to using the shipping bin over the farmer, it is just to reduce the need to travel.