Eggnog is an alcoholic custard made from thickened milk when more refined it is known as Advocaat


Combine half a dozen of eggs with some sugar and a pail of fresh milk in a cauldron of boiling water over a lit fire and let thicken for around two minutes. At this point the cauldron should change to a creamy yellow hue and with a thick creamy surface and a hint of nutmeg, the mixture is be ready to bottle.

Decant the piping hot mixture into three glass bottles and age for three years in a barrel made form any wood type

Drink Information

There are no known positive effects other than the customers' enjoyment of this spirit. it is well known to be a drink for the upper class.

When brewed correctly This drink will have a yellowish cream coloration imbued with the taste of vanilla and nutmeg.

âœĻ ***This drink has an alcohol rating of II.***

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