🐑Catching Fish

The Fishing Bar

The new β€œfishing bar” replaces the vanilla fishing system where, as well as having to right click to when the bobber goes underwater, you right click with the fishing rod when the fishing bar reaches the correct point on your screen to catch your fish, the aim of the game is to right click when the bar reaches the β€œGreen” zone where you will be guaranteed a fish drop, as the zones shift in color your likelihood of reeling in your catch decreases, with a lower chance in Orange and no chance in Red. Sounds simple enough. Right?


Each fish has their own difficulty level (alterable with modifiers) which means the speed at which the indicator moves as well as the leniency of the zones on the bar, this could mean smaller zones or no β€œorange” zones meaning as difficulty increases meaning you need to be quicker and more accurate!

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