🧲Fishing Bait

Baits are new items which can be held in the offhand or in your fishing bag to modify aspects of your fishing experience such as, double drop chance, fishing speed and quality of fish caught. Automatically used while using your rod in the main hand and one is consumed every time you cast your rod.

There are currently three types of bait, the magnet bait, which attracts fish causing fishing to take less time, basic bait, which attracts larger fish causing catches to have a chance to be higher quality and wild bait, which has mysterious properties and increases substantially the chance to catch two fish.\

  • Basic – This bait can be obtained by crafting one rotten flesh with string in the crafting table, it increases all attributes of fishing, quality, double chance, and speed but only by a small amount

  • Magnet – This bait can be obtained as a rare drop from treasure chests or crafted with one basic bait, an iron nugget, and a piece of Redstone

  • Quality – This bait can also be obtained via fished up treasure chests but less commonly or can be crafted using two basic bait and a diamond creating two quality baits

  • Double – Wild bait doesn’t currently have any sources other than as an extremely rare drop from treasure chests, possibly someone on the spawn island may know more about it in the future…


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