Standard Mead

This drink is not dissimilar to the beer except is made with the sweet produce of the bees: Honey. Golden mead is sweeter than your average brew and contains lower alcohol content. It is often enjoyed as a lighter drink.


Combine several bottles fresh honey in a cauldron of boiling water over a lit fire and and let stew for precisely three minutes. At this point the cauldron should change to a deep honeyed amber and should smell deeply of nature and pollen at this point the mixture will be ready to bottle.

Decant the piping hot mixture into three glass bottles and age for a few years in a barrel made form oak wood for optimum quality

Drink Information

There are no known positive effects other than the customers' enjoyment of this brew. it is well known to be a drink for the upper class.

When brewed correctly This drink will have a golden colouration and should have a beautiful sheen.

This drink has an alcohol rating of II.

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