Getting Started

In the context of custom crops, foraging refers to the process of obtaining seeds and natural crops, In the wild there are two main ways: wilderness gardens and seed crafting. More ways will be possible in the future as the system is expanded.
Wilderness Shrubs
  • - Wilderness Shrubs are custom plants that grow throughout the world and can be found in a wide variety of biomes, when broken these gardens will randomly drop one crop that grows in that climate.
  • - Shrubs come in six varieties: Arid, Frosty, Soggy, Shaded, Tropical and Windy distributed throughout the world.
  • - When broken they each drop one crop of the corresponding climate type. These shrubs are found in a selection of biomes based on those area's climates, Frosty Shrubs are found in the cold Taiga, Arid Shrubs in the dry Deserts and so forth.
Seed Crafting
- Any crop (found foraging, bought from other players or harvested from a cultivated plant) can be put into a crafting grid to receive one of the corresponding seed type regardless of tier, with a 1:1 ratio.
All shrubs from left to right: Arid, Frosty, Shaded, Soggy, Tropical and Windy

An example of crafting one of any produce item into the corresponding seed.