Apple Mead

Another drink that is enjoyed often in the later month of the year for its fruity and crisp edge


Combine a few bottles of fresh honey along with a single whole apple in a cauldron of boiling water over a lit fire and and let steep for a short while. At this point the cauldron should change to an orange amber hue and should smell deeply of a damp orchard the mixture should be ready to bottle at this point.

Decant the piping hot mixture into three glass bottles and age for several years in a barrel made form oak wood for optimum quality.

Drink Information

This drink expands the capacity of their consumers to hold their breath several times over. This drink is made from fresh apples from the harvest during the autumnal season.

When brewed correctly This drink will have an orange colouration and should have the sweetest taste of autumn.

This drink has an alcohol rating of II.

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